Sensorium | The Living Village Scenography Workshop

Interior and exterior design workshop, animated by the transmission of stories and atmospheres through spatiality and life.

Specialized in the layout and decoration of spaces, permanent or ephemeral, we explore at your request the boundaries of design and artistic installation.

Each garden and scenography project works to transpose your vision into a sensory immersion, based on heritage and the living. To achieve this, our teams can be enriched with specialists and artists.

Creator of gardens and permanent or event-based scenography

Sensorium, landscape designer, presents its 3 offers for the development of your garden, space or event


Creation of a guide for the design and decoration of your space, event or garden. 

After an appointment, we will prepare a file including advice and layout principles, atmosphere boards and intention sketches.



Designing a unique atmosphere in your garden or place.

A creation in three phases punctuated by their respective meetings: an analysis, the sketch of several scenarios and the final project in plans, elevations and perspectives, with a financial estimate of the work.

The follow-up of the building site as well as the purchases of supplies can be carried out at your request.



As a reminder, the final cost of a garden starts at around 100€/m2, of which about 10% is for design


Conception and realization of the scenography of your events.  


Who are we?

The Village vivant Sensorium workshop is run by Gauthier Aubenton

Passionate landscape designers and scenographers, his projects transpose your vision into an atmosphere and a place of sensory immersion. 

The place of life and biodiversity is omnipresent in their creations.

We intervene mainly in the Ardennes and in Normandy but we will study with you all the requests, even outside this geographical perimeter.

The services are managed by SAS Village Vivant

The values of the Sensorium 

The Sensorium's creations respect the living world and biodiversity and enhance the nobility of natural materials. 

Sensorium is also constantly seeking to reduce its environmental footprint by choosing materials and plants produced in accordance with its values and by sourcing from short circuits whenever possible.

Sensorium, creator of vegetal atmospheres

Photo credit @Roxane Toscas and @LauraVergne

Our creations create immersive plant atmospheres for your garden or event